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 The Taiwan Salt and Light Biotech Institute was founded by a group of biologists who had graduated from the School of Biology (now Life Science) from university for over 20 years. These biologists realized that each of the classmates had developed expertise and experience in different fields including ecological conservation, biotechnology/ medicine, generic, microbiology...etc., and that the practical experience and professional knowledge is not easily available in school classes. These classmates gathered together in a special occasion and developed the ideas to set up a platform, this Institute, to cultivate more young biotech scientists, and to offer the graduates/post-graduates a bridge to career, as well as training programs for those who are already working in the industry. By this services, we hope this Institute is the Light for the society, and so is it the Salt for the society.

Lightcan brighten the world and to provide guidance to the path and direction;


The light is also a media to deliver energy, which allows materials to radiate. 



Salt can bring up the taste of food - the meals may become tasteless if there is no salt. The salt plays an important role in maintening the balance of osmotic pressure in body cell fluids. It can also preserve food - the salt is the best food preservative in nature

Our services: Ecology eduction field trip for family, in practice training in biotechnology, pre-employment training for job bridge in biotechnology, and lectures of biotechnology laws and practices.



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